Fibc/Jumbo Bags

The company’s Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers(Big Bags) are simplest and most effective low cost packing technique that helps save TIME and MONEY in handling, storing an transportation of bulk commodities.

The basic fabric consists of polypropylene which is manufactured out of U.V established triplex tapes of denier ranging from 1300 to 3000. Fabrics are also given an additional coating or supplied with an extra polyethylene insert. This gives special protection against dampness.

In addition to that , Big Bags is made for safety factor of 5 to 1 which means that for a one ton Big Bag, the load bearing capacity is up to a limit of 5 tons.

Heavy duty loops of nylon/PP multi filament yarn are given special attention. The polypropylene fabrics is characterized by high degree of U.V resistance, tensile strength and flexibility. On request the company also supplies anti-static bags.

Big Bags otherwise known as Jumbo bags, are manufactured to fit all standard pallet size and can be handled from above all types of fork-lifts or cranes for easier filling. These FIBCs can be quickly and efficiently filled through a simple rig or by using structure to ensure precise weight control.

Big Bags can be sized and made for box trailers and containers,for transportation of cement, fertilizers, chemicals and products requiring a plastic liner. Big Bags are available with inside liner thickness of up to 120 microns.

For fast and convenient ship loading, Big Bags can be lifted in by spreaders in multiples of 2,36 or 8 at a time. Strong, reinforced straps/loops on top are made for easier handling.

The power of quality, technical refinement and design have spearheaded Big Bags into the most competitive markets world-wide. Big Bags uncompromising commitment to quality keeps the company ahead of the rest.Currently the company is exporting to EUROPE, USA and MIDDLE EAST. When quality is essence, Big Bags, by the end of this decade, will be a globally accepted company and right at the top.