Leno Bags Technical Features

Technical Features
Leno weave improves the stability in ‘open’ fabrics, which have a low fiber count. This form of woven fabrics constructed by twisting adjacent warp fibers around consecutive weft fibers to form a spiral pair effectively ‘locking’ each weft in place. Polypropylene and High Density Polyethylene granules extruded to form flat tape of various deniers. These tapes are used to weave this fabric. These leno fabrics can be woven on circular looms to form tubes of various lengths or flat looms to form single flat fabric of various widths and continuous lengths.

Leno  bags that can be custom built to your requirements. Some of the key parameters are mentioned below:


  • Leno bags can be made from:
  • Polypropylene
  • High Density Polyethylene

All fabrics are made via circular weaving. Customers can choose fabric denier from a minimum of 550 denier to a maximum of 900 denier.


  • Leno bags are made with hemmed top closures.
  • Bottoms of Leno bags can be made with either:
  • Single folded and double stitched
  • Double folded and single stitched

Leno bags can be constructed with a minimum width of 40 cm and a maximum width of 71 cm. There is no minimum or maximum length.

Leno bags can be made with or without a drawstring. The drawstring is constructed of braided flat tape. Draw string insertion is done manually.

Leno can provide Leno bags with a variety of colors. Please note that use of colored plastic requires a minimum order of four metric tons.

We can also manufacture bags to custom sizes ranging from a tube width of 30cms to 71cms.