Petrotech Groups Bonzer

  • Petrotech Groups  is a leading manufacturer of color and additive masterbatches
  • Masters in developing any color within 2 days of time period
  • Fully equipped In-house Research & Development Laboratory
  • Separate lines of extrusions for specific resins, additives & colour applications
  • Access to industrial ovens, mixers, injection moulding machines, blown film plant etc.
  • Active member of Plastics Export Promotion Council of India (PLEXCONCIL) and various other reputed worldwide Associations

Whole spectrum of Masterbatches – Color, Special effect & Additive Packages offered for all plastic resins (Olefins, Styrenics, Engineering Plastics, etc.)



  • Additive Masterbatch
  • Black Masterbatch
  • White Masterbatch
  • Colours Masterbatch
  • Compounds
  • Fillers (CaCO3/Talc)
  • Mono Concentrates