We serve a wide spectrum of plastic industry and through constant innovation expand these areas.
Some of the applications of our products

Injection Molding

  • Standard and customized Colors inducing special effects.
  • Additives like mold release, anti static and sink mark removal.

Blow Molding

  • Standard and customized Colors for Food packaging and pharmaceutical bottles.
  • Cost reduction with specialty filler masterbatch for blow molding

Film Extrusion

  • Additives like anti bloc, Slip ad anti static.
  • Food contact approved Colors for food packaging.
  • Uv stabilizers
  • Filler masterbatches for both mono and multi layer application.
  • Black masterbatches with very high dispersion.

Sheet Extrusion

  • Nucleating masterbatch for PS gas injected foamed sheet for food trays.
  • White, additives and fillers for PP and PS thermo form sheet.

PP and PE Woven Sacks Extrusion

  • Light stable(non fading) colors.
  • UV masterbatches with excellent price performance ratio.
  • Filler masterbatch (CaCO3) with high loading.
  • Additives to increase filler loading.

Roto Moulding

  • Ready to use pre colored powder and micro pellets.
  • Light stable colors for extended outdoor exposure.
  • UV masterbatches for preventing polymer degradation.

PP and PE Mono Filaments

  • Colors
  • Additives and UV stabilizers

Pipe Extrusion

  • Black with up to 50% Carbon loading.
  • Colors for PE and PPR pipes.
  • Additives such a process aid and heat stabilizers to

enhance processing and reduce thermal degradation.