PVC Compounds

By remaining committed to the industry and responding to the needs of their customers all over the world, the Petrotech group of companies has become established as one of the leading manufacturer of ready to use compounds.

Key benefits of Petrotech’s PVC Compound
  • Versatile PVC compounds add value across a broad range of end-products and can bring benefits to people’s lives whenever and wherever they are used
  • After extensive research on polymer our R&D team has developed ready to use PVC compound which can reduce the headache of manufacturer like dust problem in factory due to smoke of resin.
  • Petrotech’s PVC compound provides uniformity in the product and reduce the problem of checking the quantity of chemicals and other everytime.
  • Petrotech’s PVC compound can reduce the damage of screw barrel due to chocking of ventilation and wastage of raw material.
  • Petrotech PVC compound is ready to use food for machines, just to put this material and take the production out.
  • The quality and shining of products would be excellent after using this as world’s best quality chemicals are added in this.
    • The dosage and output will be consistent so it can increase the output of machines.

Petrotech’s PVC compound applications

  • It is suitable for both TWIN screw and single screw PVC extruders. This compounds is specially for Rigid PVC pipe.
  • Electrical conduits
  • Window profiles extrusion
  • Petrotech’s PVC compound key properties
  • Super high impact grade with excellent mechanical properties
  • Fast output
  • High heat stability
  • Very shiny finishing
  • For your specific needs kindly contact to our department