Reprocess / Recycle Polymer

Use Plastic Save Nature

Plastics arouse passions. The technos say plastics are omnipotent; that man’s future will be fully served by its miracles. The greens say,
Plastics have no merits whatsoever and must be un-invented. Amidst slogans of “ban plastics” and “use plastics with care”, the debate rages. Here Petrotech comes with the new “Idea & Concept” use plastic save nature. This sounds little bit new to ears but it is true.

Recycling is the best option to utilize the plastic long lasting properties. Plastic can be used in the place of wood everywhere whether it is in furniture or paper. Petrotech is doing this noble cause to convert scrap in to a reusable plastic in a big way with the help of latest technologies.

Polymer recycling is a complex process but Petrotech has a expertise in this. We have an experienced team and equipments, which first sorted plastic according to their resin identification code i.e PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP and other sorted out. This procedure requires specially trained eyes.
After that cleaning, shredding, drying are done by experience workers and the last procedure is the extrusion of that material to convert in to a reusable final granules. For this we have many extruder where we make sure that no impurities can mix with the final products.

We are instrumental in offering our clients a range of Reprocessed/ Recycled Granules that is extensively used in for varied purposes in plastic industry. These products find wide applications in carry bags, pipes, plastic parts & reusable containers, automotive components , polymer bank notes or even we can say all the plastic products can make with this granules.. The notable features of these products are strength, durability, fatigue resistance and transparent or opaque in nature. Customized versions of these granules are also provided as per the specifications made by the clients. All types of reprocessed granules are manufactured at our factories. These are manufactured using latest innovative technologies under the supervision of our experts.